Did you just buy a new home, or you’re looking into refurbishing your current house? Replacement windows are an effective way to improve the aesthetic of your home, and they also increase its value.

Whether you’ve bought a house or are fixing up the one you have, here are three signs to look for that mean the windows should be replaced:

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High Energy Bills

Poorly sealed windows can sometimes be the culprit of high energy bills. If they’re drafty, your windows can be letting in excessive cold or heat from the outside. Your heating or cooling system will then have to work harder to keep your home at the normal temperature, especially if you are in extreme climates. Replacing your windows with quality, energy-efficient ones will save you money in the long run.


Storm Damage

If your area has recently experienced a hurricane, tornado, or large storm, then you’ll want to check the conditions of your windows to see if any of them are cracked or warped. Not only does this make your home look shabby, it decreases its value because future buyers aren’t going to find that appealing or want to fix them. New windows are much more necessary in this case.


Dirty & Fading

Even if your windows aren’t drafty or have been damaged in a storm, they can still be collecting stains and dirt. Older window frames tend to be harder to clean, especially if they’re wood. In addition to looking dirty, windows, as they age, can also start to fade. If you’re embarrassed by the fading, chipping, or dirty look of your windows, then it’s definitely time to invest in some newer ones. Plus, windows made in recent years tend to have qualities that make them easier to clean.

At Blue Ridge Exteriors, we can offer you beautiful window installations that are also durable and affordable. Don’t compromise on the look or quality of your home. Reach out today to learn more!