So you’re still thinking about having vinyl siding installed on your home, huh?  You may want to read this first!  This article will tell you all the things the vinyl siding salesman won’t tell you.

We here at Blue Ridge Exteriors have been saying for years that vinyl siding isn’t the right choice.  With the “lifetime warranties” and the foam backing and the “thicker is better” pitch and all the other good stuff vinyl salesman tell you.

Hey, if thicker really is better, check out HardiePlank® siding.  It’s 5 1/2 times thicker than the thickest vinyl siding on the market!  I’ll bet the plastic siding salesman hasn’t told you about that, has he?

How about that “fade warranty” that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy?  Certainly, that has to be proof that your new plastic exterior will look good forever.  Read the fine print…….there’s usually an “excessive fade” disclaimer.

Do your homework.  The internet can tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about EVERY product.  If someone has had a bad experience, you can bet it’s on the internet!

Blue Ridge Exteriors is one of only 6 VIP Preferred Remodelers in the entire country and only offers HardiePlank® siding from James Hardie®.  It looks like wood, feels like wood, and is termite-resistant and fire-resistant.

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And remember, wrap your leftovers in plastic….not your home!