Replacing your rotten rails and columns is a simple and cost-effective job that can dramatically improve your home’s “curb appeal”.  In a lot of cases, it’s only the rails that need to be replaced, and it’s even more cost-effective.

Do yourself a favor and take a look at the rails that Blue Ridge Exteriors offers.  Our powder-coated aluminum rails are custom fabricated and designed to look just like wood.  Best of all, they aren’t big and bulky like vinyl rails and are solid to the touch.  Unlike vinyl rails that need to be attached loosely so that the vinyl can expand and contract, our powder-coated aluminum rails are attached tightly just like your wood rails to give you years of enjoyment.

Afraid the price may be too much?  Don’t worry!  We can deliver these beauties at about the same price as others offering cheaper vinyl rails.

Call us at 804.405.3683 to get your free estimate and see for yourself!