It sounds simple, but how many of you actually ask for references?  A lot of consumers don’t for whatever reason.  Maybe you don’t want to “insult” the company representative.  Maybe you don’t want to look foolish because you’ve heard of the company…you think…and they wouldn’t be in business if they weren’t good, right?

The very first place I would look to verify that a company has experience in installing what they are trying to sell is their website.  A company’s website should provide a fuller picture of their services and qualifications. Look for actual job photos, not clip art.  Make sure the photos represent numerous jobs.  Ask the representative questions about the pictures on the website.  If they are actual jobs that the company did, then the representative should know about them.

What if a contractor has no website?   Run and don’t look back!

Check the company record with the BBB.  Get a copy of their contractor license.  Get a copy of their insurance.  Then CALL and verify that the documents are valid!

You can Google a company name and see if there is negative information about them, including legal issues.

You can’t do enough to protect yourself.

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