3 Signs Your Windows Need to be Replaced

Did you just buy a new home, or you're looking into refurbishing your current house? Replacement windows are an effective way to improve the aesthetic of your home, and they also increase its value. Whether you've bought a house or are fixing up the one you have, here are three signs to look for that [...]

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More About Warping Vinyl Siding

I have to say that this issue comes up more often than not. I get calls all the time from people who have some sort of distortion of plastic siding due to reflections from car windshields or windows. Click here to read a story about melting vinyl siding. My good friend Bruce is always kidding [...]

A Hot Attic = A Hot House!

So you have the new replacement windows but still can't figure out why it's so stinking hot in your house.  Have you looked up? Research shows that more energy is lost through your ceilings than anywhere else. Energy Armor® Attic Wrap is designed to help you recoup your energy dollars in the summertime by eliminating [...]

Is your contractor properly licensed?

You've done your homework as a smart consumer.  You got more than one estimate.  You checked the BBB.  You looked at some work the contractor has already completed, and you visited a job that is currently being installed.  You like the price, and you like the company rep you spoke with. What's left to do [...]

Low interest rates increase home improvement opportunities

In a recent article in the Boston Globe newspaper, Kermit Baker, who is director of Harvard University's Joint Center for Housing Studies, said, "Lower financing costs are beginning to stabilize the downturn in existing home sales, as they also are reducing the cost of financing a home improvement project.” We recently signed a contract with [...]

Buyer Beware!

It sounds simple, but how many of you actually ask for references?  A lot of consumers don't for whatever reason.  Maybe you don't want to "insult" the company representative.  Maybe you don't want to look foolish because you've heard of the company...you think...and they wouldn't be in business if they weren't good, right? The very [...]

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