I receive a lot of emailed questions and wanted to address some of them here for you.  What I’ll try to do is put a few on this blog from time to time.  Maybe you’ll see an answer to a question you’ve been wanting to ask.

Q:  How far from Richmond will you go to give an estimate and do a job?

A:  If you were to draw a big circle around Richmond about 50 miles out in circumference, that is pretty much our territory.  We call it the FMZ (Fifty Mile Zone) after the popular website TMZ (Thirty Mile Zone).  We’ve been known to go farther if needed.

Q:  As a HardiePlank® siding installer, you could certainly handle vinyl.  Why don’t you offer vinyl siding?

A:  Our concept for this company was as a specialist offering high quality.  Since Paul worked for James Hardie®, he saw a need and want in Central Va. for HardiePlank® siding but couldn’t convince the vinyl companies to sell it.  But he convinced me!  We didn’t want to be like the other companies that offer anything and everything to make a buck, so we stick to HardiePlank® siding.  Of course, we also offer energy-efficient windows, replacement railings, and Energy Armor® attic wrap.  We do what we do, and we’re pretty good at it!

Q:  I like the railings you offer, can you tell me more about them?

A:  Our powder-coated aluminum rails look like real wood.  They are a high-quality custom-fabricated product for your house, and you can get them powder coated in virtually ANY color that you want.

Q:  I love the traveling t-shirts page on your site.  Why only sporting events, though?

A:  Paul came up with that idea.  We’re both sports nuts, and he wore his shirt to a Yankees game or Red Sox game and had a picture taken, and the idea took off.  It’s just something fun for the website.  By the way, that’s me (Matt) in the Super Bowl picture.  Coolest sports event of my life!  Go Steelers!