Whether it’s at a home show or a prospective customer’s house, I’m always asked, “How does the price of HardiePlank® siding compare to vinyl siding?”  I wish I had a standard answer to that question, but I don’t.

We have a customer who wanted a HardiePlank® siding quote from a local company that not only quoted HardiePlank® siding but quoted vinyl as well.  He then received our price for HardiePlank® siding.  He was shocked to find that our price for HardiePlank® siding was half the price he received from the other company and barely more than the vinyl price he was given.

Truthfully, HardiePlank® siding should be 40% higher in price than vinyl siding (per the manufacturer, James Hardie® Building Products) because the material and labor costs more.  Unfortunately, the Central Virginia market is conditioned to buy vinyl siding because of the lack of fiber cement specialists.

The other company priced our customer way too high for HardiePlank® siding because they wanted to sell vinyl all along!  These companies have been conditioning the market with inflated vinyl prices and have to inflate fiber cement prices to astronomical numbers to justify their vinyl prices!

We say NO MORE!  Blue Ridge Exteriors specializes in residential fiber cement installation.  We don’t even offer vinyl siding.  To get a fair price for HardiePlank® siding for your home, call us at 804.405.3683.