Whether you’ve just bought a new home or are looking to renovate your current house, don’t forget to consider different types of replacement windows. Although it seems like a less important aspect, windows are more than just their appearance. They also affect the value and comfort of your home.

Before selecting replacement windows, check out this quick guide with tips about the pros and cons of certain window types:


Durability of Replacement Windows

Windows seal the outside from coming in, so it’s crucial to purchase windows that will insulate your house. For example, vinyl windows don’t offer as much protection from the outside, and you might find that it feels hotter or colder near them. That’s because they’re not durable enough to hold out the outside temperature, which will increase your energy bills.

Replacement window materials also take effect as the window ages. Exterior fiberglass tends to resist cracking, fading, and peeling. On the other hand, vinyl windows are often susceptible to sagging and twisting over time. Fiberglass windows also are thinner and stronger, which allows more light to come into your home.


Aesthetics of Replacement Windows

Although not as important as durability, the way different windows look should also be taken into consideration. You don’t want to install ones that contrast with your home’s look at all. Fiberglass windows easily maintain the traditional look of your home and can be customized with various patterns of grilles.