As a company that has installed HardiePlank® siding on hundreds of homes, we recommend using 3/4″ HardieTrim® boards instead of PVC for fascia boards, rake boards, and the 1″ NT3 (cement) for corner posts.

There are a few good reasons.  One is that HardieTrim® boards are dimensionally stable.  They simply don’t expand and contract like PVC trim boards will.  When the 3/4″ HardieTrim® boards became available in our market in 2008, it made sense to offer them.  Unfortunately, other companies still insist on using PVC trim boards.  Why?

They claim that the HardieTrim® boards are brittle and break easily when they try to handle them.  That simply isn’t true if you know how to handle it.  The truth is that they are afraid to use it because their installers don’t know how to handle it.

Another great reason to use HardieTrim® boards rather than PVC is that you can’t miter cut PVC.  Because of the expansion and contraction of PVC, the miter will always open and close in temperature swings leaving you with an unsightly job.  The use of glue and caulk is recommended to close these gaps making the job look even worse.

If you’re looking into having HardiePlank® siding installed on your home, you should insist on finishing it properly with HardieTrim® boards manufactured by James Hardie®.

And if your contractor isn’t insisting on it, you have the wrong contractor.

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