You’ve heard the sales pitch haven’t you?  If you have vinyl siding installed over top of the existing materials currently in your home (cedar, pressboard, etc.), then you don’t have to worry about that material anymore because the vinyl siding will keep it dry.

Well, the Vinyl Siding Institute wants to set the record straight for you right here.  If you go to page 2, you can read that vinyl siding is considered a “supplemental rain screen.”

An umbrella can be considered a “supplemental rain screen” too, especially since it doesn’t keep you 100% dry either.  The big difference between the two though is that you can dry yourself off when you get inside your house.  Your siding stays wet under the vinyl for a while which can lead to rot and mold that can end up costing you THOUSANDS of dollars to fix.

You only want to side your house once, right?  Then do it right the first time with Hardie® Plank Siding from James Hardie®.

HardiePlank® siding isn’t a cover-up.  It actually replaces your existing siding, so you don’t have to worry about what you’re covering up with vinyl.

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