There can be a lot of parts and pieces to keep track of when having HardiePlank siding installed on your home.  Especially if you’re replacing all of your trim as part of the job.

There’s rake boards, shingle mould, returns, drip cap, deck trim… get the point.

Take a look at the side of your house that has the wood that goes up at angles like an “A.”  Those are your rake boards.  Now look at the contoured moulding on that rake board.  That is shingle mould.  You’d never knowingly decide not to put that on your house, would you?

That’s why you need to pay attention to details because we are installing HardiePlank on a house right now that has new rake boards made of HardieTrim and PVC shingle mould.  The homeowner expects it because it’s in the contract.  The house next door had HardiePlank installed by another company, who also replaced the rake boards (with PVC instead of HardieTrim).  Incredibly, they didn’t install any shingle mould!