I received a call from a homeowner earlier this week who wanted to get a price to have HardiePlank® siding installed on their home. It makes sense that they would call Blue Ridge Exteriors since HardiePlank® siding is the only exterior cladding that we do install. The homeowner made a point of telling me that we would be the third company to come out.

I went out to their home, and as we were walking around the house, I had the feeling that they didn’t have any idea what I was talking about. Since I was the third guy out to see them, I would expect that they had at least a little education from the previous companies.

So I asked them if I was repeating information they had already heard. To my surprise (not really), they told me that I was giving them all new information that they hadn’t heard before.

It seems that the other two companies that had come out to see them weren’t interested in selling HardiePlank® siding, much less installing it.

They only had it in their ads to get people to call so they could try to sell them plastic siding!

In fact, they were shocked that I didn’t try the same thing. When the appointment was finished, they thanked me for being honest and for providing them with the information they wanted. And they asked why the other companies were not as ethical.

I can’t speak for those companies. I can only say that if they are a little less than honest in the advertising of the company, what else are they willing to be less than honest with? The installation? The warranty? The price?

Blue Ridge Exteriors has always known that consumers who want HardiePlank® siding are very savvy and know what they want. That’s why Paul and I started this company. We made the market for HardiePlank® siding in the Greater Richmond area. It’s what we decided we wanted to do; provide upscale products for discerning homeowners, and products from James Hardie® are what we offer.

I believe that when you have expertise and knowledge in an area, there is no need for misleading ads or high-pressure sales tactics. Never once have we offered vinyl siding to a homeowner because they couldn’t afford or chose not to afford HardiePlank® siding. And never once have we shown up to an appointment to try to “flip” a homeowner to vinyl.

We simply don’t want to make a buck that way. If other companies do it this way, they are welcome to do it. We’ve been successful doing business the way we do it.

So the next time you see an ad, and it says they install James Hardie® products, ask them how many jobs they’ve done. And don’t just believe their word. Ask to see a job in progress right now! (if they have one) ASK FOR REFERENCES! (not just 1 or 2)

After all, your home may be the biggest financial investment you’ll ever make in your life.

Blue Ridge Exteriors specializes in the residential installation of HardiePlank® siding from James Hardie®. We’ve installed HardiePlank® siding on HUNDREDS of homes just like yours.

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