Make sure you get what you pay for!

There can be a lot of parts and pieces to keep track of when having HardiePlank siding installed on your home.  Especially if you're replacing all of your trim as part of the job. There's rake boards, shingle mould, returns, drip cap, deck get the point. Take a look at the side of your [...]

Misleading Advertising?

I received a call from a homeowner earlier this week who wanted to get a price to have HardiePlank® siding installed on their home. It makes sense that they would call Blue Ridge Exteriors since HardiePlank® siding is the only exterior cladding that we do install. The homeowner made a point of telling me that [...]

Insist on HardieTrim® Boards over PVC trim boards

As a company that has installed HardiePlank® siding on hundreds of homes, we recommend using 3/4" HardieTrim® boards instead of PVC for fascia boards, rake boards, and the 1" NT3 (cement) for corner posts. There are a few good reasons.  One is that HardieTrim® boards are dimensionally stable.  They simply don't expand and contract like [...]

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Blue Ridge Exteriors Featured In James Hardie® REdesign Magazine!

We're proud to announce that one of the many, many HardiePlank® siding jobs we installed last year is featured in the premier edition of REdesign magazine, which is produced by James Hardie®. We were asked to give before and after pictures of jobs recently completed. Click this link and scroll to the bottom of the [...]

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When it comes to plastic siding is thicker………better?

All of the vinyl siding guys tell you the same thing.  "Our siding is the thickest on the market."  Just look at the ads! But is thicker better?  If that's the selling point, I guess it is.  Let's take a quick look. The thickness of plastic siding is measured in "mils."  1 mil = 0.001" [...]

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