Is Vinyl Siding Weatherproof?

You've heard the sales pitch haven't you?  If you have vinyl siding installed over top of the existing materials currently in your home (cedar, pressboard, etc.), then you don't have to worry about that material anymore because the vinyl siding will keep it dry. Well, the Vinyl Siding Institute wants to set the record straight [...]

7 Deadly Sins of Vinyl Siding

So you're still thinking about having vinyl siding installed on your home, huh?  You may want to read this first!  This article will tell you all the things the vinyl siding salesman won't tell you. We here at Blue Ridge Exteriors have been saying for years that vinyl siding isn't the right choice.  With the "lifetime warranties" and [...]

This won’t happen with HardiePlank® Siding *Update*

If you look at the comment that we received from our first "This won't happen with HardiePlank® siding" blog post from just a couple of days ago, you'll find a great link to a video produced by James Hardie® Building Products.  To make it easier, you can click here to see the video.  This video [...]

HardiePlank® siding cost vs. Vinyl cost

According to a publication called Side By Side on the website of the Vinyl Siding Institute, "the initial purchase price <of fiber cement siding> (including labor and finish costs) is over 49% higher than vinyl siding". (page 10 of 12) REALLY??? Tell you get all the estimates you want to get on plastic siding.....then.......have [...]

HardiePlank® Siding Pricing

Whether it's at a home show or a prospective customer's house, I'm always asked, "How does the price of HardiePlank® siding compare to vinyl siding?"  I wish I had a standard answer to that question, but I don't. We have a customer who wanted a HardiePlank® siding quote from a local company that not only [...]

HardiePlank® siding 5 1/2 times thicker than vinyl siding

The "thickest" vinyl siding on the market today is made by Alcoa and is .055 mls thick.  Duraplank plastic siding is next at .054 mls thick.  Builders grade plastic siding is typically .042-.044 mls thick.  The difference, you may ask?  Less than a sheet of paper in thickness. HardiePlank® fiber cement siding is 5 1/2 [...]

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Plastic siding by any other name is still plastic

The latest "innovation" in plastic siding is to give it names that hide what it is actually made of.  Plastic siding with names like Crane Board and Duraplank can be misleading to consumers who aren't familiar with siding products. Come on!  Wrap your leftovers in plastic.....not your home! Blue Ridge Exteriors specializes in residential HardiePlank® fiber cement [...]

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Why HardiePlank® siding is better than vinyl siding

It's well known that vinyl siding is actually a fire accelerant, but until you see entire neighborhoods consumed by fire, it doesn't really hit home.  This link here has pictures and gives testimonials from people who had the foresight to have non-combustible HardiePlank® siding installed on their homes when others had vinyl siding installed.  Not [...]

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