If you look at the comment that we received from our first “This won’t happen with HardiePlank® siding” blog post from just a couple of days ago, you’ll find a great link to a video produced by James Hardie® Building Products.  To make it easier, you can click here to see the video.  This video is a side-by-side fire test showing how HardiePlank® siding compares to vinyl and wood siding when a flame is near.

This is especially important for you to see for a couple of reasons.  First, you can see just how quickly vinyl siding accelerates the flames into a potential inferno, and you can see how wood siding smolders for a while before finally igniting.

Secondly, and maybe more important, is the fact that vinyl companies install their materials over your existing exterior cladding, whether it’s real wood or press board.  You will now have 2 highly combustible materials on the outside of your house!

Watch this video and honestly ask yourself if you still want vinyl siding on your house, then call us at 804.405.3683 for a free HardiePlank® siding estimate.  You’ll be glad you did!