How is it that all home improvement companies seem to have these amazing “factory-trained” installers?  How about the companies that have “certified” installers?  Is that better than “factory trained”?

“Factory Trained” can mean that an installation manual from the manufacturer was read by the installers.  It can mean that a video that was provided by the manufacturer was watched.  Or, unfortunately, it means nothing.  It’s simply part of advertising that makes a consumer feel good, so it’s used.

A company that claims to have “Certified Installers” or claims to be “certified” in some way has a problem if a smart consumer asks the right questions.  There must be a certificate to go along with the process of being “certified” in a particular field, right?  ASK TO SEE THE CERTIFICATION!

When it comes to HardiePlank® siding and James Hardie® building products, there is no such thing as “factory trained.”  There certainly is no such thing as “certified.”  If you are told this or see it in print, just realize that if a company is willing to be less than truthful about that, what else are they willing to be less than truthful about?

Blue Ridge Exteriors is co-owned by a former James Hardie® sales rep and is the only James Hardie VIP Preferred Remodeler in Central Virginia.  This is as close to “factory trained” and “certified” as you’re going to find in Central Virginia!

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