All of the vinyl siding guys tell you the same thing.  “Our siding is the thickest on the market.”  Just look at the ads!

But is thicker better?  If that’s the selling point, I guess it is.  Let’s take a quick look.

The thickness of plastic siding is measured in “mils.”  1 mil = 0.001″ (a mil is an abbreviation for 1/1000 th).

Alcoa sells a plastic siding that is called XL55 that is .055 mils thick.  Royal sells a plastic siding called Duraplank that is .054 mils thick.  Alside sells a plastic siding called Prodigy that is .050 mils thick.  Crane Board is a plastic siding that is .046 mils thick.

So which is best?  As it turns out, NONE of them may be the best!  Just look at the side of your garbage bag box.  Believe it or not, Hefty bags and the like are advertised to be up to TWICE as thick as the thickest plastic siding that people put on their houses!  Click here to see different thicknesses of garbage bags.

I’m not suggesting that you go out and have garbage bags installed in your house.  For one thing, you could only get your house covered in white or dark green, but it does put things in proper perspective, doesn’t it?

Blue Ridge Exteriors is one of only six VIP Preferred Remodelers in the country, and we specialize in the installation of James Hardie® fiber cement siding and trim components.  HardiePlank® siding is 5 1/2 times thicker than the plastic siding, which also means it’s thicker than those garbage bags too.

So tell me…..what would YOU rather have on your house NOW?

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